Adding storage boxes, shelves, and spaces to a garage is a great way to keep it clean and clear up some space. Before you add anything new to your garage, you will need to organize it by sorting your things and making a floor plan. Once your garage is clean and put together, you can build shelves and put up other vertical storage systems. You can also make more room by hanging things from the ceiling or putting them in cabinets and plastic bins. 

Check the useful things in your garage and put them in order of what they can be used for such as using the garage storage. As you sort, you should also make three other piles for things you want to throw away, recycle, or give away. Once you’ve put everything in order and gotten rid of the things you don’t want, you should have a better idea of what you need. 

When you’re putting things away in your garage, decide which ones will go together. If you keep things that are alike together, it will be easier to find them later.  

Once everything is in order, draw a floor plan of your garage. Measure the garage with a tape measure, paying close attention to the windows, doors, and any utilities. You should also think about how much room your car will need. After you get your measurements, use grid paper to draw the size of your garage and mark the spots where you can put things. 

Using your floor plan, think about the types of storage you want to add and how much space each item needs. With some shelving and vertical storage systems, you can make the most of the space on your walls without giving up much space on the floor. Things like plastic bins and cabinets take up more room, but they’re good for long-term storage. 

Making shelves is a simple way to make the most of the space in your garage. You can put floating shelves on your walls or install shelves that were already made. Shelves are a good option because they are cheap, easy to use, and let you see what you have. 

A pegboard is easy to put up and doesn’t cost too much. The flat piece of particleboard with holes spaced evenly apart can be hung on most walls. You can also paint the walls and things there with any color you like and change it to fit any size wall.  

You can store loose things that would take up a lot of space without plastic bins. These are great for things like holiday decorations or sports and outdoor gear that aren’t too heavy. The tubs provide some protection from the weather and can be stacked to make more room. 

If you have dangerous or harmful materials or items, a locked cabinet will help keep kids and animals from getting to them. You can put bladed tools and lawn chemicals like pesticides and herbicides in these cabinets. A strong cabinet will help you put things in order and keep them safe.